Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Recap, Part II

My flowers were gorgeous.  I could just tell you that I was beyond happy about them & leave it there.  But really, I just need to rave about Local Color Flowers a little bit more.  It could have been just as simple as that they gave me exactly what I want, but they went further than that, they produced centerpieces that could basically acted as a summary of what I was going for with the style of our wedding.  They were perfection.  I couldn't imagine them being better.

And our lucky guests, once they found out that they could take the centerpieces home, they could hardly believe it.  My mom had to tell a few "that's right, you can take it home."  We ended up taking home about 5 or 6 jars in the end, out of about 90.  That says a lot right there.  The only thing I regret with the flowers is that I couldn't take them home.  They would have been dead by the time we returned from Las Vegas.  But, at least everyone else got to!

The flowers were Dahlias, Lisanthis, some Sunflower and I am not quite sure what else.  Awesomeness, that is it.

I am really happy with the decision to have mixed colors in the bouquets.  I think it gave a lot more dimension to the flowers rather than going with a monochromatic look.  I think the yellow gave a great punch amongst all the pink & gray of the wedding.

And the multiple jars looked great.  At one point of time, I thought the centerpieces might end up skimpy and started to rethink my decison.  I am glad I didn't.

And look how nice the Patron bottles looked!

Next up, Ceremony!

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  1. Kate! I did get a little teary-eyed reading your post! Thank you so much for letting Local Color Flowers be part of your special day! I loved reading your blog all year and getting excited right along with you. I'm so happy that you loved the flowers! I think they really did work perfectly! Keep an eye out for a blog post coming soon!